He fought back! Sebastián Villa says he is living a nightmare due to the complaint made by his ex-partner

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May 02, 2020 – 08:52 p. m.
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Sebastián Villa again broke his silence around the complaint that weighs on him for gender violence against his ex-partner Daniela Cortés.

The Boca player took advantage of social networks to refer to the subject and said once again that he never attacked Cortés.

“First of all I want to say that I never exercised violence of any kind on my ex-girlfriend, Daniela Cortés, or on any other woman in my entire life. I am against any act of violence. I am a peaceful and very believing person,” Villa said. .

Villa defended himself through his instagram account.

And he assured that what he has been living since Monday, when his ex-partner denounced him for mistreatment, is a real nightmare.

“If up to now I have not held any demonstration in the media, it is because I consider that the release of an accusation like this should be brought to justice to put an end to this nightmare that it is up to me and my family to live. I pray that the really come to light as quickly as possible. “

Villa faces a complaint in Buenos Aires and is waiting for the Argentine justice to issue a final decision. The Boca forward had been speaking last Monday when the scandal in which he is involved was revealed.

So far, the attacked, Daniela Cortés, has not shown signs of wanting to withdraw the lawsuit and negotiate with Villa, which suggests that everything will be settled in the courtroom.

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