He forgot it on the plane. She prepared a presentation to find her bag.

According to the information transferred from ShiftDelete; It has to be said that one of the most useful technological accessories of recent years is AirTag. Despite being the size of a keychain, the accessory, which can save thousands of pounds of valuables, makes life easier for iPhone users. The device, which enables you to track your belongings from every corner of the world, found the bag of a man who forgot his bag on the plane this time. However, when he wanted to explain this technology to the airline company, he ran into unnecessary trouble.

AirTag communicates with iPhones around the world in encrypted form, constantly updating its location information. This allows your lost item to send location from anywhere an iPhone or iPad is available. Elliot Sharod, who forgot his bag on the plane, has been trying to explain this to the airline for a while.


While Elliot Sharod and his wife were traveling to the UK from South Africa, Elliot forgot his bag on the plane. Elliot, who had previously left an AirTag in his bag as a precaution, was able to locate the bag, but it was not easy to explain it to the airline. The location sent by AirTag cannot be fixed as the bag constantly travels to other countries and travels alone.

The man, who repeatedly e-mailed and searched the airline company, could not find a solution, so he decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Elliot, who shared his presentation on Twitter and explained his complaint, explained the details by tagging the Aer Lingus company that made the flight.

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Saying it was a horrible experience, Elliot hopes that someone from the airline will reach him and find the bag together. It seems quite possible that Elliot, who added the location data of his bag to his presentation and explained in detail where he went from, will not take a bag on his next flight.

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