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Hay Tipper Catches Fire in Palakkad – Dramatic Rescue Caught on Video

A hay tipper caught fire; Adventure Rescue – Video – The Hay Tipper | Fire Accident Palakkad | Manorama Online News Tipper loaded with hay catches fire; Road Fire, Adventure Rescue – Video

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Published: February 16 , 2024 10:28 AM IST

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When the tipper loaded with straw caught fire. Scene from the video.

Palakkad ∙ A tipper loaded with hay caught fire at midnight; The vehicle and 6 people inside were saved with the intervention of Puthur RRT (Rapid Response Team) who happened to pass by. The incident took place at 12.30 last night at Attappadi Thavalam Mulli Road.

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The tipper was coming from Alathur to a private calipharm in Puthur area, loaded with straw. The RRT team was on its way to Bommiampadi from Putur Forest Station after receiving a phone call that a wild antelope had gone down. 3 persons in the lorry jumped out after realizing the fire. They arrived at a time when the driver and 2 others were confused about what to do.

The fact that the vehicle caught fire on a deserted road where wild animals always go, added to the concern. The driver did not let go of his restraint and lifted the rear of the tipper and the vehicle moved forward. The burning straw rolls were pulled down by the RRT team. An hour’s effort averted disaster. Later, the police, locals and the fire force arrived and participated in the rescue operation. The road was littered with burning straw rolls.

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The hay tipper caught fire in the middle of the night at Palakkad. Rescue video

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