Harry and Meghan “welcome back to the company” at any time

For the first time after Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the royal court, Queen Elizabeth II had time to speak to her grandson privately.

With the British people, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are after their decision resigning from the front row of the Royals has fallen out of favor, Queen Elizabeth II shows more understanding. After a four-hour conversation at Windsor Castle, she let her grandson know that she could come back at any time, as the “Sun” writes.

At the meeting – the Queen invited her grandson to lunch – the monarch had the first opportunity to speak to Harry alone and learn more about his plans, the source wants to know.

The monarch was very upset about the decision, but accepted it. Furthermore, she would like to see her nine-month-old great-grandson Archie more often.

After the four hours, she told him that he was a loved member of the family and could always come back. Harry and Meghan would be welcomed with “open arms”.

The decision to turn her back on the British royal court apparently came as a surprise to the queen herself at the beginning of January. Many questions are still open, such as those who will pay for the couple’s security costs,

>> “Sun”


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