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Harley Davidson motorcycle thief in Ciputat Arrested, Police: Perpetrators are looking for potential buyers. Page all

TANGERANG SELATAN, KOMPAS.com – TLX (40), thief motor Harley Davidson with a test drive mode in East Ciputat, South Tangerang, was arrested by the police.

According to the police, the results of the investigation were that the perpetrator stole because of economic factors.

South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Iman Setiawan explained that the suspect allegedly wanted to sell the stolen vehicle to get money.

“The motive is the economic motive to profit from the sale of the vehicle,” said Iman in a press conference broadcast online, Thursday (27/8/2020).

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However, until the perpetrator was caught on Wednesday (26/8/2020) yesterday, the stolen vehicle had not been sold and was now confiscated by the police.

“(the motor) is still under his control (the perpetrator). He is looking for potential buyers,” he said.

Currently, the perpetrator has been arrested and taken to the South Tangerang Police. From the hands of the perpetrators, the police confiscated two large motorbikes stolen in the Serpong and East Ciputat areas.

According to Iman, the perpetrator took away a Harley Davidson motorbike in the East Ciputat area on Friday (22/8/2020).

Previously, the perpetrator had carried out a similar action in the Serpong area in June 2020.

As a result of his actions, the perpetrator was charged under articles 378 and 372 of the Criminal Code concerning Fraud and embezzlement with the threat of a sentence of four years in prison.

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The victim’s story

The theft victim, Rangga (17) previously explained that the theft of his vehicle occurred on Friday night at the Bali View Housing, Cirendeu, East Ciputat, Tangsel.

Rangga revealed, before the incident, he advertised his motorbike in an online buying and selling service since August 6, 2020.

The perpetrator then contacted him last Friday afternoon and claimed he was interested in the advertised vehicle.

At around 21.00 WIB on Friday, the perpetrator came to the victim’s house and saw and tried out the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“After that he brought the motorbike. After the perpetrator used the motorbike, we were surprised why there was no sound,” he said.

He then took the initiative to find the perpetrator and his motorbike by going around his home complex with his father and the online taxi driver the perpetrator had hired.

However, the perpetrator was not around his house and the security officer said that there was a large motorbike that had just left the residential area.

“I checked with the security post, and it turned out that the perpetrator had just passed. He thought it was me who was carrying a motorbike,” he said.

Rangga said he allowed the perpetrator to test the vehicle because he came by car and the car was still at his house with the driver still waiting when the thief did a test drive.

After the perpetrator fled, it was discovered that the driver was an online taxi driver who was asked by the perpetrator to wait at that location.

The taxi driver had not yet paid his rent by the thief.

“I gave permission because I thought that the driver … was a relative or personal driver of the perpetrator. Because when the driver arrived he parked and came down and checked my motorbike,” he said.

After that, the victim immediately reported to the South Tangerang Police that night.

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