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Christmas is always synonymous with reunions with friends and family, large feasts, long after-dinners, rituals to attract good luck and traditions. And yes, also eating roscón at all hours, although Twelfth Night is officially the day you can binge. Although there are many who on such a special day want to send their best wishes to their loved ones. For this, in LOS40 we have compiled some of the best phrases to congratulate the Night of Kings.

If you no longer know what to do to be original, bet on something different, even for a year, and surprise all your contacts like 40 short and funny phrases of Happy Twelfth Nightas well as images, gifs and memes for you to share via WhatsApp and with which you will unleash the euphoria on the most special Night of the year.

Beautiful phrases to congratulate the Night of Kings

  • May the Three Kings bring you the most needed gifts this new year: lots of health and lots of love.
  • The Three Wise Men gave gold, incense and myrrh, but we can give love, joy, peace and prosperity every day.
  • The greatest gift that the Three Kings can bring you is love for you and all your loved ones. Hopefully this 2023 will bring you everything you want. Happy Kings Night!
  • Hopefully the children continue to give us illusion and innocence through their eyes on such a magical night. Happy Kings Night!
  • Don’t know what to give in Kings? Spread kindness, cultivate love, promote respect and sow peace. These will be the greatest gifts.
  • On this very special night, I wish you receive everything you asked for and surrounded by your loved ones. Happy Kings Night!
  • May the Star of Bethlehem illuminate your path as it already did with the Magi on a night as magical as this one. Happy Kings Night!
  • I wanted to send you something special this Twelfth Night, but I have a problem… How do you wrap a hug and a kiss? Here goes… Happy Twelfth Night!
  • Enjoy these incredible moments surrounded by your loved ones and I hope you receive everything you asked for on this Three Kings Day.
  • This Three Kings Day take the opportunity to express your best wishes to those you love the most: lots of health, lots of love and lots of powder.
  • Sometimes, it is not the size that matters, since in the gifts of Kings the most important thing is who distributes them. Hug that person and thank them, Happy Three Kings Day!
  • If it were possible for me to give a gift to the next generation, I assure you that each individual would be given the ability to laugh at themselves.
  • Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. Happy Kings Night!
  • This 2023 the greatest gift the Wizards can give me is you.
  • Those of us who receive gifts this January 6th have the greatest gift: illusion and imagination, although if they had to lie to us for this, this is the most evident proof that they really were magicians.
  • There is no better gift from Kings than the smile of the people who love us
  • Whether true or false, the Three Kings bring happiness and joy. Let’s enjoy it!
  • They have already arrived, they have already arrived, and they have left more than one gift. But before any toy or sponge, I wish that the Kings give you a good job. Happy Three Kings Day!
  • This night of kings can be unforgettable, enjoy it with the ones you love the most, give them all your love and remind them how much you love them. This will always be the greatest gift. Happy Kings Night!
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Short and funny phrases about Twelfth Night

  • Hello! This is the answering machine for the Three Kings’ customer service department. We inform him that the gift he has requested is beyond his means. Please try again next year.
  • It is true that the Three Wise Men are only for children. For this reason, I wish you a happy and magical Three Kings Day, since you are still a kid who behaves fatally.
  • If you see that the Kings have left you a message to enter the sack next to you, don’t be scared, I have asked them to bring me a treasure. Happy Magi!
  • With the crisis that we are suffering in recent months, I could only give a gift to one of my friends and I chose you. I thought that being so ugly and unpleasant no one else would remember you. Happy Kings Night!
  • Shout it out to the Three Wise Men: “I don’t want more perfumes or more pajamas or more underwear. I want real presents!”
  • Happy Magi to the lucky ones and also to those of us who eat coal!
  • Dear Three Kings, I will be brief: I want everything.
  • If on Twelfth Night you catch Melchor naked and he gets into bed with you, explain to him that what you asked for was a VOLVO.
  • This year, don’t wait for your gifts because this Twelfth Night I got involved with their Majesties from the East and it got out of hand.
  • When I grow up, I ask myself to be like the Magi, since they work once a year and without being seen.
  • This Christmas gift is not suitable for people with coordination problems. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. That’s where I send you my gift: A huge hug. Happy Kings Night!
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Images to congratulate the Night of Kings by WhatsApp

Enjoy the most magical night of the year! And also Three Kings Day!

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