the military explained the increased pace of mobilization in Ukraine (video)

According to the captain of the 103rd Terodefense Brigade Alexander Ganushchin, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need highly trained, motivated fighters who can work with the arriving Western equipment.

The current pace of mobilization in Ukraine has increased markedly, if we compare how the mobilization took place six months ago. This is due to the fact that the plans for the mobilization of Russian President Vladimir Putin include “huge numbers.” This was announced by the captain of the 103rd defense brigade Alexander Ganushchin, transmits “Apostrophe TV”.

Active mobilization in Ukraine is explained by the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to replenish the personnel with people who know how to work with Western equipment, as well as to make up for losses.

“We really need people, because for the incoming equipment we need highly trained, motivated fighters who know how to work with it,” he explained, adding that, among other things, we need people for rear service and for service at zero.

“Mobilization will definitely continue,” the serviceman specified.

Ganushchin – about who the Armed Forces need, watch from 5:31

He believes that the country’s authorities have the right to force citizens to comply with the law on mobilization during martial law, despite the fact that not everyone agrees with this approach.

“Sometimes the strength of the state lies in the legal institution of coercion. The simplest thing is coercion to comply with laws,” the soldier said.

He added that the law on mobilization must work, and the mobilization plan must be implemented, because otherwise those who do not want to may continue to live in another country.

Recall that the lawyer spoke about the mechanism for serving summonses abroad. As part of the general mobilization in Ukraine, the diplomatic missions of the country abroad should help return Ukrainians to their homeland. However, it does not explain exactly how.

Previously Focus understood what was wrong with the military registration and enlistment offices and training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among the last groups mobilized, there are many that can only be called a betrayal, says Anton Kolumbet, a soldier and deputy head of the Kyiv Municipal Guard.

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