Happy National Santri Day 2020! Here are Examples of Speeches and Words to Share

PORTAL JEMBER – Right today is National Santri Day 2020, which has been celebrated for the 5th time on 22 October since it was ratified nationally and in 2015 by President Jokowi at the Istiqlal Mosque.

History National Santri Day itself began when the jihad resolution was triggered by the founder of NU KH Hasyim Asyari on October 22, 1945. This resolution was in order to prevent the arrival of NICA troops from coming again.

However, because currently it is still being hit by a pandemic across the country, the santri cannot celebrate it together to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Don’t worry, even though you can’t celebrate the usual way, you can share sayings to fellow students, relatives or friends who can be sent via WhatssApp messages or social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others.

Here’s an example words and sayings which can be shared with others to celebrate National Santri Day October 22, 2020 reported from various sources.

1. Santri are the nation’s next generation who are not only religious but intellectual. A great nation behind it are students who always pray and try. Congratulations National Santri Day 2020.

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2. Congratulations National Santri Day October 22, 2020. Let your footsteps walk in the footsteps of the kiai and religious scholars of the country, by becoming students. I have nothing much to aspire to besides imitating the Prophet and serving the Divine rabbi.

3. Congratulations National Santri Day 2020. Being a santri is a self-effort and improving this nation.


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