Hand over the remaining prizes from the shopping raffle to Offenbacher Tafel

(Photo: © City of Offenbach / georg-foto, Offenbach)

Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke all remaining prizes of the big Offenbacher shopping raffle to the Offenbacher Tafel.

A total of around 1,000 prizes were donated, including a television, several printers, kitchen machines, deep fryers and toys for children. Some of the prizes were not picked up by the winners. The OFC had already donated its tickets to the board in advance.

“All Offenbach residents have supported Offenbach retail and gastronomy through their participation – both sectors that were and are particularly affected by the corona pandemic. I am all the more pleased that the remaining prizes are now all going to the table and that even more people can be happy about the great prizes ”, said Mayor Schwenke.

Christine Sparr, director of the Offenbacher Tafel, was also delighted with the numerous donations: “We would like to thank the city of Offenbach that all the prizes that were not collected went to us and that the people who come to us benefit from them. We also distribute the prizes to other social institutions such as the children’s and youth farm and plan a festive Christmas raffle with the prizes ”.

The Offenbach shopping raffle was part of the economic stimulus package decided in 2020 by the city of Offenbach to promote local retail and gastronomy. Numerous Offenbach companies took part in the campaign.

(Text: PM Stadt Offembach)

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