Hades Review – Buy, budget or demolish?

Kevin and JJ got together to talk about Hades. Hades is a rogue like action role-playing game in which the player plays Zagreus, the son of Hades. The goal is to get from the underworld to Mount Olympus. Where have we heard that before? To do this you have to shuttle through a random series of rooms with enemies without dying. Because dying means losing your progress and thus starting over. Is this game the ultimate challenge? Find out in the Hades Review!

Fight, die, get well, survive!

As mentioned earlier, Zagreus intends to leave the underworld. He does this by fighting his way through random rooms. The player therefore does not know in advance what he or she will find. This makes preparing your character well important. The further you get in a room, the greater your loss when dying. The player receives gifts and earnings when finishing a room. Should the player manage to survive the room, he will keep his gear and progression. If he dies, he loses his stuff and progression and you are back to square one. Well great…

A nice addition

Hades was created by Supergiant Games. You can know them from: Pyre and Transistor. Although Supergiant Games has not made a lot of games yet, four to be precise, they have managed to create a good name for themselves. Thus, all of their games have been well received by critics and fans. With Hades they try to add another good title to their CV. Did Supergiant Games manage to make Hades as good, or even better, than the previous games? There is only one way to find out. Check out the Hades Review here.

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