Hacker assault on the Poly Network platform: 600 million in crypto assets stolen

An important sum: about 612 million dollars. It is the amount that would have been stolen on the Poly Network decentralized finance platform. This is by far the biggest theft in this industry. The author? Some hackers. Or rather, given that in cyber culture hackers have no malicious intent, crackers. The news was given by the same company via twitter. And immediately the information, in a digital tam tam, spread in the crypto sphere.

What is Poly Network

To be hit, precisely, was Poly Network. He will ask himself: what does this platform consist of? In general, and without going into technical details, Poly Network is a DeFi (Dencentralized Finance) protocol that allows you to exchange virtual tokens (tokens) across different blockchains.


Dear hacker, contact us ..

As indicated in the message of the Poly Network itself on Twitter, addressed to the “dear Hacker”, the attack involved “tens of thousands” of members of the “crypto community” whose cryptocurrencies were stolen. For this reason, in an approach that can only be conceived in the new world of digital assets, the same platform asked to be contacted (by the hacker) to solve the problem.

To hunt the thief

Beyond the Poly Network message, active cyber security firm SlowMist (also via Twitter) claimed that the hacker’s email was found. “It is probable – is the indication – that this is a long and well prepared assault”.

Too many crypto assets launched by inexperienced people

“In general – Ferdinando Ametrano, founder of CheckSig, points out to Sole24ore -, beyond the case in question, similar situations arise in situations, now too many, in which the infrastructure code is written in an inefficient way “. Meaning what? “These are often formally unverified software that risk leaving breaches where the attacker on duty can slip into”. A context, however, facilitated by the excessive “number of crypto assets that are launched on the platforms. A world of the “mirage of easy wealth” where too many people are “inventing” experts, with the risk that what happened today will happen ». On the contrary, a serious and verified structure protocol, “like that of bitcoin – concludes Ametrano – has never been violated since 2008”.

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