Gustavo debuts ‘Now Just Started’ album and drops video for titular track

The new studio album of the producer and performer Gustavo “Tagad just started” has arrived on music streaming and download platforms, “Delfi” informs the musician’s representatives. Along with the album, the video of the title song, featuring Ozols and Čižiks, has also been published.

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“The recording time for the new album was both challenging and exciting,” says Gustavo. “It will remain in my memory as creatively one of the most intense, dense and dynamic stages of my life. I was completely overwhelmed by the creative process with a rather aggressive work approach. It seems that this aggression is also reflected in the sound of the album and the design of the artwork.”

Along with the publication of the album, the video of the title song “Tagad tikli sali” with the participation of Ozol and Čižik is also released. In the final scenes of the video, Gustavo’s father, glass artist Agris Butelis, has taken on the role of master and savior of the situation.

“I remember how, at the beginning of the creative process of the song “Tagad just started” with Ozola and Čižika, we decided that if we have already gotten together once in 20 years, in the former (band) “Fact” composition, to create something new, then it must be something explosive,” comments Gustavo. “That’s how we came up with a joint work full of mutual references about the challenges and advantages of the current stage of life, which became the flagship of the album. We also wanted to enhance the intense mood of the song with a dynamic video, which was masterfully realized by the director Elvijs Pārpucis and the video team “LATER”

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Gustavo releases the album 'Now just started' and releases the video for the title track
Photo: Artūrs Kondrats

Gustavo’s new album was recorded between June 2022 and February 2023 and contains 13 tracks. Gustavo is the author of the music, arrangements and lyrics of all the songs, except for the compositions in which Ozols, Čižiks and Ansis are heard as guest soloists, in which the performers are the authors of the words of their vocal parts themselves.

Arnis Rachinskis, Sanda Dejus, Laima Dimanta, Rihards Bērziņš, Jānis Krīvēns, roland če, xantikvariāts, Prusax, Steps, She, etc. also participate in the album as guest artists. The scratch parts are performed by Dj Monsta. Gustavo’s long-time friend and colleague Sergejs Laletins is responsible for the sound direction of the recording.

“When I started writing the material for “Now It Just Began”, I was aware that it would be Gustavo’s fifth studio album,” says the musician. “But the break since the last album of the project was so big that I decided to make the new record as if it were my debut. With this performance, I wanted to stand in front of my listeners again. Content-wise, I included personal, self-deprecating stories in the album, which are interspersed with reflections on creative self-expression as a cornerstone of my life. Judging by the feedback of the colleagues involved in the album, the wittiest, most direct and densest in terms of wordplay Gustavo’s album has come together. Musically, I tried to make the songs sound diverse, but at the same time, so that they form a single whole with a readable dramaturgical development.”

The album “It’s Only Just Begun” is available not only on the most popular streaming and download platforms, but also on CD. CDs are available for purchase on the musician’s website. The authors of the presentation design are Jānis Lauznis and Gustavo. The photos were captured by photographer Artūrs Kondrats.

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