Tech: Use of TikTok and Instagram by Children Restricted in the First US State

In the US state of Utah, a law was signed on Thursday that drastically limits the use of TikTok and Instagram by young people and children. This happened despite opposition from the tech industry and civil rights experts.

It’s according to The New York Times the first state-level law in America to prohibit the use of social media by anyone under the age of eighteen without explicit parental or guardian consent.

The new measure also allows parents in Utah to access their children’s posts, messages and replies. In addition, minors cannot access their social media accounts from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. This will be a default setting that only a parent or guardian can change.

The state governor also signed a second bill on Thursday. That prohibits social media companies from using features or design techniques that could lead a minor to develop an “addiction” to their online platforms.

The Utah measures come at a time of rising public concern about powerful social media algorithms. These can entice young people to spend hours online.

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