Gustaf Berglund: Impressive Results and Training Secrets Revealed for World Cup Skiing

A 22nd place in the sprint and 31st in the distance was his best individual result in the World Cup ahead of this weekend’s competitions in Östersund.

In Sunday’s 10 kilometer freestyle, Gustaf Berglund improved his personal best by a lot and finished in 14th place.

With that, he was today’s best Swedish men’s skater.

– That sounds good. It’s really fun to do a good race, he says and continues:

– It felt very good. Energetic in the body and good skis.

Gustaf Berglund Photo: Emma Wallskog/Bildbyrån

Gustaf Berglund is a boyfriend to one of the world’s absolute best women’s skiers, Ebba Andersson, and this year has her father Per-Ola Andersson as a new coach – which has paid off.

– I have received good coaching help this summer from PO. I have done a good job and gained continuity in training.

He’s the one who made you switch up?

– That’s probably one of the reasons why it’s going well and that I’ve been given a new lease of life with the change of coach.

In other words, since about six months ago, there has been a lot of training with Ebba Andersson and also her brother Fredrik Andersson.

What have you got your fingers on?

– You shouldn’t give away all your training secrets, but we have reduced the number of interval sessions a little and tried to be a little fresher in everyday life. There has been good continuity so that you can train with quality all the time.

Ebba Andersson during Saturday’s sprint in Östersund. Photo: Johan Axelsson/Bildbyrån

A couple of hours after the men’s race, it was time for the ladies to run 10 kilometers at Östersund’s ski stadium – but Ebba Andersson managed to interject with a greeting to Gustaf Berglund.

– We have talked a bit. She was very happy for me, he says.

The 10 kilometer freestyle race was won by Harald Østberg Amundsen, ahead of four of his compatriots with Simen Hegstad Krüger (second) and Didrik Tønseth (third) also taking a place on the podium.

For the men, the next World Cup competition is on Friday with a sprint in Trondheim.

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