Guillermo Mariotto, shocking joke about Carolyn Smith: “Dressed in Covid”

Written by Paolo Parente, on October 24, 2020, in Dancing with the Stars

photo by Carolyn Smith at Dancing 2020

Dancing with the stars, Guillermo Mariotto makes a shocking joke about Carolyn Smith: “You are dressed as Covid”

The episode of dancing with the Stars today, Saturday 24 October, it began with joy and jokes among the judges, perhaps also to temper the climate that is certainly not serene in our country given the very high number of infections recorded even today. Just the Covid-19, indeed, he was called into question by Guillermo Mariotto to describe the attire of the jury president Carolyn Smith, letting go of one shock joke. The Venezuelan-born designer, previously teased by Milly Carlucci for his sunglasses, at one point he asked to speak:

Sorry Milly: I don’t understand the note about my look, if we have the president of the jury dressed in Covid.

Carolyn Smith replies to Guillermo Mariotto’s shock joke: “Green hope, darling”

Carolyn Smith, however, after the shock joke by Guillermo Mariotto, in the episode of dancing with the Stars this evening he has been able to maintain his usual elegance. The jury president of the talent of Milly Carlucci replied:

Hope green, honey.

Dancing 2020, Guillermo Mariotto to Milly Carlucci: “You are dressed as a fetish cat”

Lately, Guillermo Mariotto He had done an important announcement. In the episode of Dancing 2020 this evening, however, the designer did not spare anyone’s clothing. Before the shock joke about Carolyn Smith, in fact, he had also targeted Milly Carlucci, telling her:

You’re dressed as a fetish cat.

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