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Group of Cuban rafters manages to reach Key Biscayne – 2024-02-19 11:13:33

A small group of four Cuban rafters managed to disembark in Key Biscayne last Friday, February 16, after they risked their lives crossing the Strait of Florida.

The fact was confirmed by the North American authorities, who specified that the rafters arrived during the night aboard a rustic boat.

The United States Border Patrol (USBP) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched an investigation, a standard procedure to determine the possibility of a possible human trafficking case, however, no They have revealed more details about it.

Finally, the US authorities issued a statement in which they recalled how dangerous it was to venture into the sea with the aim of reaching Florida.

The middle CBS Miami He indicated that the passengers of the boat were taken into custody, so it is assumed that they were left in the care of the immigration authorities to begin their deportation process.

Mass exodus of Cubans

The mass migration of Cubans has gained strength in recent years, and there is no sign to suggest that this will change soon, since the current economic crisis that is plaguing the Island makes more and more people want to leave the country in any way possible. .

Due to this, and the difficulty in obtaining the necessary documents to emigrate on a regular basis, many choose to take to the sea with the aim of reaching the United States.

The crossing is dangerous, since the rafters must sneak away due to the risk of being betrayed to the authorities. Subsequently, they must obtain or build a boat with any material they have on hand, hoping that it will be able to withstand the trip.

Those who take the risk must then outwit the Cuban Border Guards, who have been denounced for their brutality when detaining those who try to leave the Island illegally.

After that, Cubans must complete a trip that can last several days or even weeks, depending on an infinite number of factors such as weather conditions or possible engine breakdowns. In that sense, those people must ration well the food and water they brought, since they have no guarantee that it will end up being enough.

The worst thing about the situation is that, even if they manage to evade the constant patrolling of the US Coast Guard (USCG), Cubans are not guaranteed to remain in the country, since only a small percentage usually receives asylum, while the rest are deported back to the Island.

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