Gripping documentary about Jochem Myjer generated many reactions

In One more then Viewers and fans of Jochem Myjer get a unique insight into his life. It becomes clear that his shows have a huge impact on him and that since the surgery he hasn’t been as fit as he used to be. Jochem can only give a performance three times a week, provided he is not disturbed in his rhythm and rituals.

One of those rituals is that Jochem eats exactly at five o’clock in the afternoon before a performance. The comedian walks visibly on his gums and the entire broadcast shows a very emotional Jochem. “A comedian has never stopped,” Jochem replies when asked why he is going so far.

Although difficult to comprehend, there is a chance that the comedian will say goodbye to the stage, according to the end of the film. “Jochem Myjer will take a year off in 2020 to think about his work and life”, appears at the end of the documentary.

That the documentary portrays a completely different image of the popular comedian, is also apparent from the many reactions on Twitter.

One more then missed? You can look back here.

At the end of last year, Jochem already announced that he would take it easy for a year in 2020, below you can see all about it.

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