Gregoria Wins, Indonesia 1-1 Malaysia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Gregoria Mariska Tunjung won 22-20, 18-21, 21-19 over Kisona Selvaduray in the second party of the quarter-finals Sudirman Cup 2021 at Energia Areena, Vantaa, Finland, Friday (1/10) evening Indonesian time.

Gregoria and Kisona were chasing each other for points at the start of the match. These two players take turns leading the points.

After trailing 2-3, Gregoria then failed to get points. Kisona won three consecutive points so that she was four points ahead of Gregoria.

Unforced error from Gregoria became Kisona’s advantage in gaining points. Poor ball observation and failure to cross the shuttle became a source of points for Kisona.

Kisona then also made a mistake that made her distance from Gregoria even closer. With the help of Kisona’s errors, Gregoria still couldn’t appear stable. Until the interval, Gregoria trailed 8-11.

Gregoria won two consecutive points after the break. The women’s singles player, ranked 21 in the world, was still unable to catch Kisona’s points, who had undergone treatment for an elbow injury.

Gregoria kept trying to catch up and Kisona was still able to keep the distance, even the difference had moved away to 13-17.

The best Indonesian women’s singles then won four consecutive points and equalized to 17-17.

Gregoria failed to take advantage of the moment to turn things around. Two long ball placements put Kisona back two points ahead.

Gregoria then scored the three points and took a 20-19 lead. Game point Gregoria was denied by Kisona, but Gregoria then managed to get two points which changed the score to 22-20.

In the second game, Gregoria did not repeat the mistakes as at the beginning of the first game. Gregoria’s points also shot up to a 5-2 advantage.

Kisona’s mistake made Gregoria’s points increase. But Gregoria could not continue his good form and instead made his own mistakes again. The score became 8-8.

Gregoria, who was 11-9 ahead at the interval of the second game, turned behind after the match resumed.

The women’s singles dropout from Mutiara Cardinal had once again led in the position of 14-12. However, Gregoria’s inconsistency again became a problem, so Kisona equalized the points and then took the lead. Gregoria also lost 18-21 in the second game.

Gregoria took the lead again early in the third game. Just like the second game, Gregoria also posted a 5-1 advantage. Just like the previous game, Gregoria couldn’t keep the points consistently.

Kisona closed the gap with Gregoria and the score was only one point adrift. After winning 7-6, Gregoria put on a convincing performance and won four consecutive points.

After a score of 11-6 at the interval, Gregoria continued to gain points to lead 15-7. Far superior did not make the struggle easy for Gregoria. Kisona won point by point.

Gregoria just won the points again after Kisona reached the 13th point. Three consecutive points from Gregoria stopped and the score became 18-14.

Gregoria’s mistakes re-emerged and became a breath of fresh air for the opponent. Kisona then made a mistake and made Gregoria lead 20-16.

Kisona won three points before Gregoria won 21-19. Gregoria’s victory made Indonesia equalize to 1-1.

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