Greeting the 100-year-old Ferenc Merksz – Dunakanyar Region

Aunt Margit Ferenc Merksz of Dunakes, celebrating her 100th birthday, was welcomed on Thursday morning in an intimate and intimate ceremony. Many former railway colleagues, the mayor of Dunakeszi, trade union representatives, Aunt Margit’s daughter and son, old dear friends and acquaintances were present at the famous event.

Like many others, Ferenc Merksz moved from Nyírlugas to Dunakeszi in 1950 in the hope of a better and more secure job. On October 2, 1952, he entered the MÁV Dunakeszi Járműjavító Üze, where he worked as a retired police officer until 1993.

Mayor Csaba Dióssi, in his kind tone of greeting, highlighted Aunt Margit’s well-respected life path spanning several generations, which is an example for many, and is deservedly celebrated by old acquaintances, friends, and members of the railway community.

After reminiscing about historical times and praising the role played by Aunt Margit and her contemporaries in post-war reconstruction, Mayor Csaba Dióssi presented Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with a certificate of welcome, a gift from the city government, and then greeted the 100-year-old Ferenc Merksz with a bouquet of flowers and kind words, wishing her good health required.

“Faith, love, family and homeland meant the most to us, it defined our lives,” said Ferenc Merksz, who together with her seven siblings were able to go to church in festive clothes every Sunday thanks to the diligence and care of their parents.
“Love and togetherness defined our whole lives,” we heard from Aunt Margit, who raised her children in this spirit.

“We came here today with pleasure to celebrate together the hundredth birthday of Ferencné Margit Merksz. We all know that he has a very difficult hundred years behind him, full of trouble, trouble, struggle, but also a lot of joy. All of us who are here are happy to be present at the greeting and try to express our respect, appreciation and love that we feel for her,” said József Papp, President of the Dunakeszi Vehicle Repair Retired Trade Union, according to whom Aunt Margit is still the same kind, smiling, fragile woman today. than 50 years ago.

“We wish him to be a member of our small community for a long time, to live in health, love and peace, surrounded by his family”, were the kind words and wishes of József Papp.

István Schwartz, the managing director of Dunakeszi Járműjavító, greeted Aunt Margit, who was celebrating her 100th birthday, with great respect and love, who expressed his joy that he can be a member of the large family of Dunakeszi railway workers, and together with his former colleagues, they can celebrate the hundredth birthday of Aunt Margit Merksz Ferencné. wished for health.

Ferenc Merksz with Aunt Margit’s daughter and son

Györgyi Molnárné Szlávik, the president of the National Union of Railway Workers’ Union of Pensioners, and Lászlón Szanyi, executive president, welcomed the celebrant.

God bless Aunt Margit!

Imre Vetési

Photo: KesziPress

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