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Great Literary Works Successfully Adapted into Film

Literature is the art of verbal expression, as defined by the Dictionary of the Spanish language, (version 23.6 online). It manifests itself orally or in writing and is considered one of the oldest Fine Arts. Although cinema and literature are two totally different arts, there are good film proposals that faithfully expose the narrative structures of the original text. Next some of the best literary adaptations to the cinema.

It is convenient to start with two great literary figures, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, who bequeathed their literary jewels Don Quijote of La Mancha y Romeo and Juliet, respectively. About the universal classic, Don Quijote of La Mancha, dozens of adaptations have been made, from American and Latin American films, Broadway musicals and cartoon series. Some of these are available at You Tube and other platforms. The best adaptation of the classic Romeo and Juliet is the version by Castellani, chosen in 1954 as the best English film by the British Academy Awards.

It is inevitable to talk about one of the best-selling novels in world history, The Da Vinci Codeby Dan Brown. This controversial thriller tackles Vatican issues, intrigues, and enigmas. Loved by many and hated by others, the adaptation was staged by Ron Howard in 2006 and had Tom Hanks as a supporting actor.

Miss Barbara, by Rómulo Gallegos, is a literary classic that addresses the sociological topic of civilization in the face of barbarism. This novel has been an inspiration for many film and television directors. He films It premiered in Mexico (1943) and was starring María Félix and Julián Soler.

Another very successful and popular film is the air bus, one of the most famous works of Luis Rafael Sánchez. Directed by Luis Molina Casanova, this literary adaptation will make you laugh and reflect on the Puerto Rican emigration to the United States.

the successful novel An old man who read love novels, by Luis Sepúlveda, has also been taken to the big screen. This emotional story presents the struggle of man and nature in the Amazon jungle and other topics of great social and moral interest.

We cannot fail to mention some of the literary adaptations of Gabriel García Márquez’s novels such as, A Chronicle of a Death Foretold y The colonel has no one to write to him. However, what we are all looking forward to is the first authorized audiovisual production of one hundred years of solitude. It will be a series and it will be available, very soon, on the Netflix streaming service and will be titled, Macondo.

By Linda Ojeda

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