Did Prince Harry and Meghan reveal the sex of the babies? Fans have a strange theory

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy report raises a lot of questions. These include, for example, the sex of the baby. It is quite probable that the couple will not communicate it, as in the case of Archie’s son, until after the birth of the child. However, the fans have a theory according to which Harry and Meghan have already revealed whether they are expecting a girl or a boy!

The general public shared joy with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when the couple revealed on Valentine’s Day that they were waiting for the second baby to arrive. Her parents are very much looking forward to the little miracle, but as is well known, they are very mysterious when it comes to their privacy. Thus, no one expects that spouses should announce the sex of the offspring before it is born. Faithful admirers of the royal couple, however, according to the north Page Six they noticed a small detail.

Intent or pure coincidence?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan appeared on the podcast Spotify’s Stream On. In the video, they sat on the couch close to each other in their lavish mansion in Santa Barbara. Meghan was wearing a beautiful patterned dress from the workshop of designer Oscar de la Renta, and the couple looked very happy. However, one important element did not escape the attentive eye.

The middle of Meghana’s right hand was decorated with a beautiful gold ring, which is set with a pink sapphire. It is not entirely clear whether the Duchess’s intention was to choose just such a ring, or whether it was just a coincidence. But the fans immediately started speculating. “Is the pink ring an indication that they might have a baby girl?” one of the commentators asked in a discussion on The Sun website. “Is that ring a nonviolent way to announce that they’re expecting a baby girl?” another asked. And maybe the choice of jewelry really has a deeper meaning. If that was the case, only time would tell.

They make millions

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared on the Spotify platform because of a contract they had signed with the company. The multi-million deal obliges Harry and Meghan to create their own podcasts for the popular service. This is their second collaboration, which has brought them a good package.

Last year, the couple signed a contract with the Netflix streaming service, for which they are to produce and record various programs and series. It was the funds obtained from Netflix that helped the couple repay their debt to Great Britain, which arose when the couple began to renovate their headquarters in Frogmore Cottage.


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