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Gray hair, heart attack. But on the pitch he’s amazing: I like to beat the younger guys

Triple heart attack, two heart operations, silver hair, six crosses on the back. Jaroslav Moc still wobbles on the football field like a little boy, no one can guess his age. And he mocks the young people during the game: “I’m sixty-one and you won’t surpass me anyway!”

In the III. in the street of the Teplice district, he wears the captain’s armband in Hostomice. He returned to his hometown to play football in his fifties. “This is where I started, this is where I’ll end,” the man of 1961 decided, but the farewell still doesn’t come. “I think I’ll help you for another year or two.”

60-year-olds usually play for the old men, they don’t crowd league games. “There is nobody older in our competition, they are such a rarity. I said I would break all records in hostom football, which I have already done. I want to pass on some experience to the youngsters.”

The Power was not missing and the Power would no longer be among the living. Two years ago she had a heart attack while visiting her brother’s cottage. As soon as he reached his destination, the ambulance took him to the hospital in Liberec. “They immediately took me half asleep to the room, I almost didn’t know myself. They saved my life. I want to thank all the doctors,” he says. “I had three heart attacks in a row, but a strong heart kept me going.”

After waking up, the doctors told him that he needed to have another operation. They put in another stent because the other main artery wasn’t supplying blood. He immediately asked if football was right for him. Depends on how you feel, he had heard. In six months he tested the condition of the heart muscle on the lawn and no problems appeared. And natotata was in the shirt again.

“I have to knock, so far so good,” she says, bragging that she’s fine. “After soccer, nothing hurts, not even my knees, which I’ve had to operate three times in my career. The day after the game, I cycle sixty kilometers or swim one kilometer. I also ski, run half marathons . I’m always on the go, five times a week. I go all the way, while I can. I enjoy it.”

This is also seen on the pitch, he lives for the match, directs the team from the stopper position and is full of him everywhere, fights with him are painful. He tells kids forty years younger that they won’t join him.

“I know I’m going to screw them up because they’re annoyed that an old man passes them,” smiles Moc. “And the coaches always feed him: an old man who’s over sixty, and he’s doing what he wants with you! It’s a joke for others to bite into and start joking.”

When the recruits in the cabin throw up on him, he kills them right away. “We are a manchaft, let’s fight!” she will warn them. “And I will also tell them that I will chase them on the pitch. Don’t take it badly that I just want to help them. Few people blow their noses. Those who enjoy it will come back. We have wonderful relationships in the team and between opponents throughout the competition, we play football for happiness “.

He got a taste of it rather in the lower floors, outside of Hostomice he worked in Litoměřice, Bílina and Ledvice. His role models are Milan Holomoj, a former Teplice League player, and coach Stanislav Mixa.

“After the war, Mr. Holomoj arranged a job for me at Stínadly. In the eighties. I spent a year there in the B team, once I sat on the bench of the A team. Josef Csaplár was playing for Teplice at that time “, he said. mention the next coach.

“But I was already working in a mine, I wasn’t a professional like them. For my wife’s parents, football wasn’t something to earn. They refused to look after the children, I had to resist and play lower competitions,” he recalls.

And while he primarily moves in defense, he can handle any role. “In our district class, I played everything, even goalkeeper. Where there was a fire, I patched up the hole.”

Even if she didn’t have her hair pulled back in a ponytail and tattoos all over her body, few would guess she’s in her 60s. “When I put my 85-year-old grandfather in the coffin, he had the skin of a 15-year-old boy. We have a youthful appearance in our family, but we’re also prone to heart attacks.”

Soon after his triple, he disbanded a construction company with twenty-five employees and lives by renting out real estate. And when he leaves football, he wants to realize his big dream: “Run a marathon one day. I’d like to try at sixty-five.”

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