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Edoardo Donnamaria’s advice to Antonella Fiordelisi – Big Brother VIP

For me #DONNALISI it was a decidedly tough bet. Antonellavery annoyed, she claims to have felt attacked during the confrontation with Guendalina and therefore declares that she has closed her relations with the VIP Tavassi.

Oriano And Edward, who listen to her outburst, agree with her but at the same time point out that she is too impulsive, that she doesn’t let people talk and attacks them with an ardor and aggression that make her go in the wrong.

“You must count to ten” Edoardo advises her with the approval of VIP Oriana but Antonella admits that she cannot do it, if she feels attacked she replies in kind “I can’t pretend to be someone else” he declares justifying his strong temper.

The VIP continues her outburst with her companions “I can’t stay calm and calm, I’m impulsive” he says clearly and confidently.

Edoardo points out that her behavior in the episode is different from her everyday life “I give you advice” he replies trying to make his better half think, but Antonella is firm in her position “I’m impulsive” to conclude.

Finally, the VIP invites her to focus on the important things that really matter and not to overreact to provocations: will she be able to be more lucid or will her strong impulsiveness prevail?

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