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‘Gravinfluencer’ Eloise gives a unique insight into the life of the royal family

The rule is that attention for the family must be limited. You notice this in interviews, for example, says Evers. “Conversations with the king and queen are quite relaxed. I can ask anything about their work, but when it comes to private matters, a way out is being sought.”

Royal House reporter Kysia Hekster recognizes this. “We only hear about the private life of the royal family on the terms of the king himself. If asked about it and he does not feel like it, he will let you know.”

Eloise, now jokingly referred to as Countess Fluencer, has more than 200,000 followers Instagram and nearly half a million likes TikTok. She shares videos and photos of herself and participates in the popular trends on social media. She also shares images of her family and anecdotes about her family in interviews. “You can hear the royal family thinking: what should we do with this?”, Says Evers.

That is the question, says Hekster. Because the royal family can also benefit from this. “You can also reason the other way around: visibility is important for the monarchy. Eloise shares very innocent facts, they are not family secrets. That is also unlikely, because the brothers have very close contact.”

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