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GRAPHIC ANIMATION! The moment when the twins from Ploiești climbed on the windowsill and fell from the 10th floor

A dramatic accident in Ploieşti shakes Romania. A girl and a two-year-old boy, twin brothers, died after falling from the 10th floor of the block where they lived.

Her mother allegedly left them unattended – busy with a live broadcast on Facebook. The woman could not be heard because she suffered a shock and was admitted to psychiatry.

In the live broadcast, on Facebook, made by the mother of the twins, she listens to music and next to her is another child. In the background, the sirens of ambulances begin to be heard.

Down in front of the block, a dramatic rescue operation takes place. Several ambulances are arriving. Firefighters are coming too.

While the gendarmes isolate the area, doctors are trying to provide first aid to children who have fallen on the sidewalk.

From the windows, people look in horror. In the children’s apartment, their mother continues to broadcast live on Facebook. He doesn’t suspect the twins have suffered anything.

Then there is a knock on the door. The woman was to be announced of misfortune.

The transmission ends abruptly, and the woman says, “See, Alino, who is it? Alino! See who’s banging like that? ”

Apparently the twins were left unattended and went out on the balcony, where they found an open window. Near the window was a table, which the little ones would have climbed before collapsing from the 10th floor. The children fell one by one from the top level of the block. First – the boy, then – in a few minutes – the girl.

A woman on a terrace is the first to call 112 and urgently request the intervention of police and firefighters on Republic Boulevard, after seeing the two brothers on the balcony and realized the danger. But until the rescuers got here, unfortunately, the twins collapsed into space.

The parents of the twins had only moved into the block for two days. Some of the neighbors claim that last night they heard quarrels between the woman and her husband. The man was not at home at the time of the accident. Instead, there was another woman in the house – a friend of the children’s mother.

The twins’ mother was taken to hospital in shock. She is now in psychiatry. The police are trying to find out exactly what happened in the house. They also saw the mother’s live broadcast and tested her to see if she was using banned substances or alcohol.

The child protection department carries out its own checks in this case. The couple has another 5-year-old child.

Police say there is no evidence that the mother intentionally harmed the children.

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