GOT7’s BamBam signs a contract with ABYSS Company and opens a new social media set.

Fans flock to congratulate When social media of Abyss Company Post a picture of BamBam– Kan Pimuk Phuwakun or BamBam GOT7 To confirm that Bambam has already signed an artist contract.

On BamBam’s side Also retweeted a post on the Abyss Company page with the hashtag #ABYSSCOMPANY. To confirm another way In addition, BamBam also posted social media links, a new channel to follow various works including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. BAMBAM In being an artist to continue to promote work

The Abyss Company posted a message that “We are pleased to announce that BamBam is already the new artist of Abyss Company. Please support and give Bambam love in the future with Abyss Company. Thank you. “

Abyss Company Formerly known as MAKEUS Entertainment. Is an artist management company that has an artist in the label (Sunmi) Sunmi, Park Won and Urban Zakap

Previous members GOT7 Others gradually signed contracts with companies. After leaving the original agency JYP Entertainment both Youngjae Who signed with Sublime Artist Agency while Jackson There is his own Chinese agency, TEAM WANG, that has entered into an agreement for promoting their work in Korea with Sublime Artist Agency. Mark justreleasemusicNew to the artist, Sanjoy flew back with his family to his hometown of Los Angeles. Jinyoung Signed a contract with Entertainment. JB Open a new social media account. And there are rumors that it will sign a contract with a large international company (Not confirmed) and Yugyeom Signed an artist contract from AOMG

BamBam tracking channels


Twitter :


Instagram :


Facebook :




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