Gorontalo Governor Gegara Risma is angry with his citizens


Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Tri Rismaharini had become angry and pointed to a man during a meeting related to data matters in Gorontalo. Turns out attitude Social Minister This Risma made Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie offended.

Risma’s angry actions were recorded in a video which eventually circulated widely on social media. Seen in the video as seen detik.com, originally a man standing on the right side of Risma was talking while occasionally holding WL. Risma also occasionally responds to the man’s statement.

“So it’s not us cast, yes,” Risma said while holding the mic, as in the video.

However, suddenly Risma’s attention was drawn to the man in the red shirt on the left side of her front. Risma then walked up to the man angrily and pointed using an object such as a pen.

“Don’t shoot you, you don’t shoot, do you,” said Risma to the man wearing a red shirt.

It is not clear why Risma suddenly behaved like that. However, when Risma walked, the man in the red shirt who was originally sitting stood up.

“Don’t shoot you,” said Risma, this time pushing the man using an object such as a pen.

Suddenly the man who had been standing when Risma was approached suddenly sat down due to Risma’s encouragement. The atmosphere of the meeting became silent at that time.

Risma was still standing in place for a few seconds while looking at the man in the red shirt. Not long after, Risma finally returned to her seat.

Again Risma returned to throw a high tone. He discussed related to DTKS.

“DTKS, DTKS crossed out. I don’t dare nyoret‘ said Risma in a high tone.

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Watch the video: Risma’s moment of anger over social assistance data in Gorontalo

[Gambas:Video 20detik]



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