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González Urrutia guarantees to convey again the exiles – 2024-05-27 06:03:07

Presidential candidate Edmundo González Urrutia participates in a political occasion this Thursday in Caracas (Venezuela). The presidential candidate of the primary opposition coalition in Venezuela – the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) -, Edmundo González Urrutia, assured this Thursday that, if he wins the elections on July 28, his dedication is to attain reconciliation between Venezuelans. EFE/ Miguel Gutierrez

The candidate of the primary anti-Chavista coalition, Edmund Gonzalez Urrutiapromised this Thursday the return of the opponent Leopoldo Lopez -who resides in Spain– and different exiles, if he wins the presidential elections on July 28 in Venezuela.

“After years of imprisonment, (López) went into compelled exile, however we belief that the triumph of July 28 will convey him and all political exiles (again)”mentioned González Urrutia throughout an occasion during which he was proclaimed by the Voluntad Well-liked (VP) social gathering as presidential customary bearer.

González Urrutia thanked the invitation and thought of that VP, formation led by López, has “distinguished itself by its youth, braveness and perseverance” and has been “born and grown” in a context of “persecution, exile and imprisonment”.

Leopoldo López, Venezuelan opposition chief.

The social gathering was based by López, exiled in Madrid since October 2020, when he escaped from the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracasthe place he had remained in refugee standing after rising from home arrest in April 2019.

He Supreme Courtroom of Justice (TSJ) In 2020, he suspended the VP board and appointed instead an advert hoc board approved to make use of “the electoral card, brand, symbols, emblems, colours” of the social gathering.

The unique formation is a part of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD)opposition coalition that selected González Urrutia as a candidate in view of the disqualification towards the previous liberal deputy Maria Corina Machado, who was prevented from competing for public workplace till 2036, regardless of having been elected in primaries because the candidate of the most important opposition bloc. EFE (I)

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