Golden Coast. When the hospitals of two regions cooperate, what does it change for the public?

What is the purpose of the Côte-d’Or – Haute-Marne hospital group?

“The creation of the GHTs made it possible to move from a situation of competition between public hospitals in the same territory, to cooperation. The competition is dragging down. What is expected of public hospitals in a GHT is that they join forces to serve the population of an area. This presupposes that there is a medical project shared between them and that they define care pathways where everyone plays their role. Thanks to their complementarity, they provide the best possible service to the public. »

The GHT Côte-d’Or – Haute-Marne goes beyond regional borders

“Indeed, the specificity of our GHT is that it is the only one in France to straddle two regions, Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Grand-Est. We have in fact respected the lifestyle of the population and it is clear that the inhabitants of Chaumont and Langres, if they need the services of a CHU, are not going to go to Nancy or…

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