Gokil, These Stocks Fly 100% Over in a Week!

Jakarta CNBC Indonesia – Although the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) this week was depressed by 1% to 6,139,492, these five stocks managed to make money from transactions (capital gain) to tens and even hundreds of percent.

According to data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), the stocks that scored the biggest rally (top gainer) this week mainly engaged in the consumer sector, finance, transportation, and the raw material industry (forestry).

Shares of consumer goods issuer PT FKS Multi Agro Tbk (FISH) led with a 106.62% rally, so that its share price more than doubled to Rp. 14,050/share. The price increase occurred following the plan of this agricultural food producer to distribute dividends on August 18, 2021 of IDR 250/share, or a total of IDR 120 billion.

As is known, investors often take advantage of the news of dividend distribution to collect their shares until the end of the year cum-dividend (the recording period of shareholders who are entitled to receive dividends) is over. time cum dividend FISH falls on Tuesday (10/8/2021).

Shares of PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk (PEGE) followed in second place, with a stock rally of 93.33% to Rp 1,015/unit. Engaged in financial investment, the parent of the stock brokerage company PT Panca Global Sekuritas as of June 2021, it scored a net profit of Rp. 23 billion, or reversed from the position of net loss of Rp. 7 billion a year earlier.

The company will hold an incidental public expose on next Monday (16/8/2021) following the volatile movement of its shares until they are listed on the Unusual Market Activity (UMA) or under the supervision of the IDX. The company has so far stated that there have been no significant corporate actions, other than future business plans to focus on investing in technology stocks.

Furthermore, shares of oil and gas and coal transportation PT Capitol Nusantara Indonesia Tbk (CANI) followed with a rally of 88.79% to IDR 202/share. The company’s shares were lifted by the news of the increase in world coal prices which had passed the psychological level of US$ 170/ton.

The price of coal futures at ICE New Castle on Friday closed at US$ 172.75 or up 0.88% in a day. The closing position was the highest in history. When the price of coal increases, mining and transportation activities become more and more crowded. This has the opportunity to provide blessings for the company.

Shares of PT WEHA Transport Indonesia Tbk (WEHA) followed with a rally of 80.36% to Rp 202/unit. Engaged in logistics transportation, the company will issue new shares (rights issue) with pre-emptive rights (HMETD). The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) to smooth out the corporate action was held on August 26, 2021.


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