Ace Hardware Open Voice Regarding Bankruptcy Lawsuit

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk opens its voice about the lawsuit bankrupt submitted by Wibowo and Partners. They claim they do arrears monthly amounting to IDR 10 million in collaboration with Wibowo and Partners.

This cooperation is in the form of legal services or legal service agreement.

“Related legal service agreement We can say that between Ace Hardware Indonesia and Wibowo and Partners there is a monthly legal service agreement (retainer) worth Rp. 10 million, “said Director of Ace Hardware Indonesia Sugianto Wibawa in an official statement submitted to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), quoted on Friday (9/10).

In this regard, Ace Hardware was sued for bankruptcy because he was deemed to be in arrears for the payment of Wibowo and Partners lawyers. However, Sugianto claimed that his party had not received an official notification regarding the lawsuit.

Even so, he said management would immediately take a stand after receiving official notification of the lawsuit. He also asked investors to be wise in responding to the news.

“Currently, Ace hardware Indonesia has a very good performance and continues to operate as usual. That is the information we convey,” said Sugianto.

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For information, the lawsuit letter to PKPU against Ace Hardware Indonesia is registered with PKPU application number 329 / Pdt.Sus-PKPU / 2020 / PN Niaga Jkt Pst on October 6, 2020.

Attorney for Wibowo and Partners Fajar Ardianto stated that his party had tried to communicate with Ace Hardware management, including sending a summons. However, Ace Hardware has yet to respond.

“So, yes, we took it to the Central Jakarta Commercial Court regarding the Wibowo and Partners bill. We submitted a lawsuit on the request for Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU),” Fajar concluded.

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