Gleichenhaus about Trusova’s performance: “We always want to cry when we don’t get what the athlete can do” – Figure skating

Choreographer of the group Eteri Tutberidze Daniil Gleichengauz commented on the performance Alexandra Trusova in the free program at the championship of Russia.

Trusova fell from the flip and lutz, and also made a double sheepskin coat instead of a four. The skater took the final 3rd place.

“In training, everything was in order, everything was done without exception. She reached the end and still scored the points necessary for getting into the top three, she was selected for the main starts.

We ourselves always want to cry when it does not work out what the athlete can do. She is a maximalist, did not do what she could. Perhaps now it will be a little bit later, ”said Gleichenhaus.

⚡ Shcherbakova won the championship of Russia, Kostornaya – 2nd, Trusova – 3rd

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