Gillian Anderson: I don’t care about breasts at the waist, I won’t wear a bra anymore! | For women

The actress, whom we first fell in love with in the X-Files series as Agent Scully, and whom we now love in the Koruna series, confided in an internet discussion with the fans that bras will no longer be part of her wardrobe. “I’m terribly lazy, I don’t wear a bra anymore and I don’t want to. I don’t care if my breasts fall to my navel. “

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Her decision and sober attitude toward falling breasts thrilled the entire Internet, and a wave of followers began. Not that this trend no longer exists, but the fact that a celebrity of her caliber will learn what is happening to all of us, but what no one wants to talk about out loud is great. Why bother in modern corsets, why not let nature rule ?! That choice is there, and why should we be ashamed of nature?

We support Gillian and those who choose their path!



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