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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be a standalone game

PlayStation exclusivity Ghost of Tsushima was originally released last July, when it contained only classic singleplayer content. In October, however, the multiplayer mode Legends was added to it, and as we now find out through the official one PlayStation blog, this multiplayer branch will be released separately and new content will be added.

If you own the game Ghost of Tsushima, you don’t have to worry, Legends can keep playing merrily and you won’t lose any content. Already September 3 you can look forward to new mode called Rivals, in which two teams compete in the fight against enemy waves. From the fallen warriors, you gain Magatama, with the help of which you can damage the enemy team in various ways, for example, you will be able to cast a curse on it or block the purchase of items. When your team spends enough Magatama, you will unlock the final waves of enemies you have to defeat to win.

A new one will be added to the game on the same day Gear Mastery systém. This is an extended version of the original reward system. Players who have acquired equipment at level 110 will be able to unlock the so-called Mastery Challenges. You can use them to increase the equipment level up to level 120 and unlock the second perk slot.

From September 10 to October 1 will gradually increase to Legends more new content, specifically new maps, inspired by the island of Iki. But you can also look forward to Trials of Iyo, which is a more difficult version of last year’s Raid.

A few weeks earlier, 20th August (along with the release of Director’s Cut Edition) will receive Legends updatewhich, for example, balances Survival mode and adds new variations to the weekly Survival Nightmare challenge.

But if you don’t own the game yet and are only interested in the multiplayer mode, here is the solution. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be released on September 3 as a standalone game and will be available on the PS Store for 19,99€. The content will be identical to the version of Legends, which is part of the basic game. If you later want to upgrade to a full version of the game and play the story, the developers offer upgrade for € 50 on PS4 version, respectively € 60 per version for PS5.

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