Gevelsberg: children’s game in the Filmriss cinema

The Filmriss cinema in Gevelsberg once again offers theater for the whole family with the “Christmas Bakery”.

On Sunday 27 November at 11.00 the confectioner Alfons Zuckerwatte will set up his bakery on the Filmriss stage in Gevelsberg. The “Christmas Pastry” is a delicious fairy tale for children aged four and up about the contemplative and frenetic moments that precede Christmas.

The 2412 cookie emergency number helps with burnt cookies, forgotten recipes, missing chocolate sprinkles, melted icing and stressed parents.

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It’s no wonder emergency cookie baker Alfons Zuckerwatte has his hands full before Christmas. When an urgent emergency call comes in for heart cookies, something happens to Alfons Candy Floss that has never happened to him before: he can’t deliver! Will he still make it?

The “Christmas Pastry” is a show for children aged four and over. The “Christmas Bakery” is Theater Tomteuer’s eleventh children’s theater production, but the first Christmas performance. Entrance costs 7 euros.

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