Gerard Pique Expresses His Joyful Outlook on Life with Fiery Words

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The issue of the famous Colombian singer’s separation is still ongoing. ShakiraAnd her partner, former Barcelona player Gerard Pique, is the focus of foreign press attention.

In fiery statements, Pique confirmed that he was “very happy” after the dramatic changes in his life, which included his separation from Shakira and his retirement from football. He also stressed that he was not concerned about his public image, according to the British Daily Mail.

This came during an interview with the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, where the star refused to comment on his separation from Shakira.

“Each of us has a responsibility to try to do what’s best for our children,” he said, adding, “It’s about protecting them. This is what all parents do with their children. This is what I focus on and this is my job as a father.”

As for his personal life, he insisted that he was doing “what he wanted,” adding: “On the day I die, I will look back and hope that I have done what I want.”

He stressed that he wants to be honest with himself, and will not spend money in search of polishing his image.

Recall that pique fShakira In June 2022, they announced the end of their 11-year relationship, which resulted in two children, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

This came after the international media was abuzz with news of Pique’s betrayal of his partner with a student in her twenties.

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