Lee Min-hyeong of Kumayushi declares he won’t be as alert this spring season, unlike last year [LCK].

T1’s long-distance dealer ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung. Riot Games

Kumayushi “The changed PO method is a bit annoying. I don’t know who will come to the final” 🤔 “Ruler, the opponent who broke me first” | 2023 T1 vs Dplus Kia | Cookie News

T1’s long range dealer Lee Min-hyeong “Kumayushi” emphasized that he would not relax his guard until the end of the season.

Lee Min-hyeong said this after winning the match against Dplus Kia (DK) in the second round of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split held at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th.

T1 finished the regular league in first place with a record of 17 wins and 1 loss. T1, which went directly to the 2nd round of the playoffs (PO) with 2nd place Gen.G eSports (Gen.G), will face off on the 25th, pointing to one of the winning teams in the 1st round of PO. In the 1st round of PO, KT Rolster (3rd place) Liv Sandbox (Liv Sanbak, 6th place), DK (4th place) and Hanwha Life Esports (Hanwha Life Insurance, 5th place) battled each other to advance to the 2nd round of PO. unfold

From this PO, the method will change. Teams advancing to the second round get a chance to bounce back in the losing match even if they lose once. Regarding this, Lee Min-hyung said, “It is positive from the fans’ point of view that the number of matches is increasing,” but “It seems a little annoying to be able to play against an opponent we have won once.”

Lee Min-hyeong predicted that T1’s chances of advancing to the finals were high, but also evaluated that the competitiveness of other teams was excellent. He said, “At first, I expected DK and Gen.G as the final opponents, but looking at the recent momentum of other teams, I think that KT or Hanwha Life Insurance can also make it to the finals.”

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Regarding Hanwha Life Insurance, who faced T1 with a set score of 3 wins and 3 losses this season, he said, “We took the lead in the beginning, but it was difficult because we couldn’t cope with the back play during teamfights.” meaning In the PO, which is a 3-win system out of 5, he will be able to demonstrate greater power.”

T1, which finished last year’s spring season with all-win victories, is showing a strong performance by recording only one loss in the regular league this season. However, Lee Min-hyung rated this year’s T1 even more highly.

He said, “Last year’s spring was a season in which potential burst. In a way, I was lucky. This year, it seems that we are showing a more stable image with the skills we have developed over the years.” He, who said at the time that the winning streak was poison, said, “Personally, compared to last year, I am working on the season without being vigilant. He is also working hard to manage his condition so that he can remain steady. I plan to look at this year for a long time and move forward.”

Lee Min-hyung explained that he was concentrating on saving face for this. “There are things in life that you don’t want to do. “I still have to do what I have to do,” he said. “I work hard at solo ranks (to run long), and I think physical strength is important, so I don’t skip cardio.”

If T1 advances to the finals, it will step on the stage of the ‘Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’, an international competition this year as it did last year. At that time, T1 lost to China’s Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and finished runner-up.

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Lee Min-hyung said, “I was lazy after winning all games at the time, and I have painful memories (at MSI) because I was very arrogant.”

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