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George Lucas: The Soviet directors had more freedom than I did – 2024-02-29 07:24:17

/ world today news/ The famous American director George Lucas recently stated in an interview that in the USSR directors had significantly more creative freedom than he had in Hollywood. They should have just been careful with the criticism of the authorities, believes the creator of “Star Wars”, RT reported on Monday (January 4)

The creator of “Star Wars” George Lucas in an interview with Charlie Rose complained about the lack of creative freedom. The overview of the material of the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” (The Wall Street Journal) was quoted by InoTV.

“In the world we live in, in the system we’ve created for ourselves, this is a big industry — you can’t lose money. The point is that they force you to shoot a certain cinema. I always answered those who even back then, in Soviet times, asked me: “Why, aren’t you glad that you live in America?” I always answered them that I know many Soviet directors, and they have much more freedom than I do. They just have to be careful about criticizing the government, otherwise they can do whatever they want,” the newspaper quoted the director as saying.

Against Lucas’ opinion, the publication published a fragment of the book “History of Russian Cinema” by Birgit Boimers, a researcher from the University of Bristol. According to her observations, auteur cinema in the years of stagnation (1967 — 1982) experienced difficulties because of its poetic language, inaccessible to the masses, and because its symbolism could not coincide with the political agenda.

At times, international support could result in the film being screened at some festivals, but at the same time, in its home country, the tape was either not shown at all or was shown in a limited number of cinemas. Birgit Boimers cites Andrei Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev (postponed for 7 years) and Alexei German’s Road Check (banned) as examples.

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