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Tell your brother, I have a resume

Lit confrontation a You are worth it between Teo Mammucari and Rudy Zerbi. The quarrel between the two was triggered by the performance of the young Daniele who brought Luigi Tenco’s “Vedrai, Vedrai” to the stage. The performance did not convince Teo who asked Daniele the reason for his choice: “It was easier to sing Michael Jackson. You have chosen a piece of heart, a very difficult piece. The interpretation was not the best, then you are a good guy who sings but it’s tough“. A different point of view from Zerbi who complimented Daniele: “I don’t like wanting to upload that sadness. In that ‘you will see, you will see’ instead of an illusion, you have given hope. I thank you because I saw that positivity that was missing. I liked how you interpreted it”.

Mammucari disagrees, to Zerbi: “You are not telling the truth”

During the compliments made to Daniele, Teo was unable to restrain himself and after shaking his head he explained the reasons for his dissent: “No, I have to learn to shut up because I love Rudy but I don’t love Zerbi. Zerbi knows very well that you have not sung it well, he knows very well that a boy of your age cannot afford to sing such a piece. I tell you the truth. He’s giving you a useless sop. You have chosen a very difficult thing and you have not interpreted it in the right way. I love it when Rudy tells the truth. When the audience attacks him, I tell myself I like him because he is telling the truth. Now he hasn’t“. These words were enough to light the fuse, with the quarrel between the two instantly flared up.

The confrontation between Zerbi and Mammucari, in silence Maria De Filippi

Now I’m serious: don’t put into my mouth arguments that aren’t mine. Second: talk about magicians but don’t talk about music. When there are wizards, I shut up. He has a story to tell which is a family story and you don’t have to afford it“. The audience applauded Rudy and Teo replied: “Take this applause and shut up. It’s only about wizards’ you tell your brother because I have a bit of a resume, you must have respect for me“. During the quarrel between the two, Maria De Filippi e Gerry Scotti, sitting next to the two contenders, they remained silent.

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