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gentle steps organized at La Chartreuse in Dijon

On the occasion of the Mental Health Weeks, Sebastian Paccoud, the nurse from La Chartreuse hospital in Dijon is organizing this Sunday “gentle steps”.

What are these “soft steps”?

The goal is to bring the public to the psychiatric hospital to discover the park which is very beautiful. The theme of the Mental Health Information Week is the environment. We will smoothly enter a beautiful park, running.

You are also the origin of a sports fitness program for your patients: the rehabilitation run. What is it ?

I, a caregiver, wanted to make sense of running and didn’t want to do it anyway. I wanted it to make sense with all mental disorders. Consequently, the program and goal is to transfer resistance strategies from running to daily resistance. Thanks to the practice of running you can play on your daily organization, have the ability to cope with daily stress, find the skills to manage it.

Why run in particular?

When you are a runner, you know you have to outdo yourself. When you run a 35km marathon, it is often difficult. And we must find the means to go all the way. And this is what we want to convey to our patients so that in life, even in the event of difficulties, they can face these difficulties and complete their project.

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