Gas Station Temporarily Closed July 12-17 2021, Really? Here’s Pertamina’s Explanation

PURWAKARTA NEWS – Rumors circulated on various social media that gas station or Public Refueling Station (gas station) will Lid temporarily for five days, from 12-17 July 2021.

Where did the news circulate through the poster that said the closure? gas station meanwhile as an effort to respect the Emergency PPKM program in Java and Bali.

“Announcement! Closing gas station temporary 12-17 July 2021. As a commitment Pertamina in support of government programs. In breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19,” reads the narrative circulating on various social media.

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Then, is it true? gas station will Lid while on 12-17 July 2021? Here’s the explanation from Pertamina.

On Friday, July 9, 2021, Pertamina clarify the news. Pertamina announced via social media Twitter @Pertamina. There it is explained, if the issue of closing gas station while it is not true alias hoax.

Furthermore Pertamina explained, if his party had never made such a program during the 2021 Java and Bali Emergency PPKM.

Rumors circulated that the gas station was temporarily closed.*/Doc. Jabar Saber Hoaks



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