Gameplay & Appearance of New Hero Aulus Mobile Legends 2021

This is the latest appearance of the new hero Aulus Mobile Legends which will soon be present in 2021. What is the hero like?

Mobile Legends always brings one new hero every month into the game Mobile Legends.

It is recorded that until now there are more than 100 heroes that you can play in the game Mobile Legends and that number will continue to grow every month.

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About that the new hero who will come soon is Aulus, the 108th hero Mobile Legends with the Fighter role.

MLBB Aulus Hero display

For the appearance itself, at first glance, it is similar to Popol, but the difference is that Aulus does not have a pet and his body is more muscular than Popol.

The weapon carried is a Hammer (Hammer) with a dominant orange color all over his body. Meanwhile, for the gameplay itself, you can watch the video below!

We can also see the wallpaper, sound effects, and front view of Aulus.

Role Aulus & When Will it Release?

For his own role, Aulus is a Fighter hero and will increase the number of existing Fighters such as Paquito, Yu Zhong and others.

As for the release date, because Natan will probably be present in July 2021. Maka Aulus is predicted to be released around August/September 2021.

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