Galkin’s Rare Photo Revealed by Sadalsky: Blemished and Unadorned

Julia Raevskaya

21 minutes ago

Maksim Galkin

A year ago, Maxim Galkin was a universal friend, with whom every second of the star party always greeted and tried to maintain good relations. Now only the lazy does not kick the artist, sometimes shedding light on the curious cases with his participation.

Galkin paid with his work in Russia and his reputation for his citizenship. In February 2022, Diva’s husband was among the first celebrities to speak out against the special operation. Soon, the star began to be denied work in Russia. Then Galkin, together with Pugacheva and their children, left the country, the family flew to Israel. Since then, Maxim has not appeared at home. Soon he was recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

Then it definitely became clear that in the near future Galkin was unlikely to return home, and the level of intensity of the statements of the comedian’s stellar ill-wishers increased noticeably. Stas Sadalsky did not walk around the disgraced spouse of Alla Borisovna. But the artist remembered one of the first meetings with Galkin.

“The dormitory of the Sovremennik Theater in the last century was located on Manezhnaya 9/7 and was not far from the Museum of Fine Arts, I adored and still love paintings, every Sunday I went to the Pushkin Museum just stood and watched the stories. There was some sort of drink. Once, when I had already started acting in a big movie, a pimply young man came up to the museum, ”said Stanislav Yuryevich in his personal Telegram channel.

That young man was Galkin. He asked the star where he could find the painting “Girl on the Ball”. Having received an answer, young Maxim also asked Sadalsky to take a photo as a keepsake. The artist also shared an archival image with a pimply young Galkin in his Telegram.

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Maxim Galkin and Stas Sadalsky

Earlier, we recall, Pugacheva’s husband again attracted attention. At the next overseas concert, Maxim walked through his stellar colleagues. This time it was Yaroslav Dronov, better known in Russia as SHAMAN, and Sergey Lazarev with Polina Gagarina, Ivan Okhlobystin and even Larisa Dolina. It seems that Galkin went into a rage, and with each new concert, the artist seems to become even angrier. It is noteworthy that even those people who were neutral towards the comedian after the scandal with the SVO began to note with displeasure the acrimony of Pugacheva’s husband.

Source: Telegram

Photo source: Telegram, Global Look Press/Anatoly Lomokhov

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