Galbay Safe Tips on Illegal Loans, Don’t Respond to DC Chats! –

The government has explicitly said not to pay any more illegal loan bills.

This is one of the efforts to reduce the emergence of illegal loan applications.

Illegal loan applications themselves are increasingly popping up.

Not only in the play store, they even dare to promote on social media.

In fact, OJK has blocked these applications

In total, from 2022, there have been more than 4,000 loan applications that have been abolished.

You can read a list of illegal loans here Alert! This is a list of the latest 2023 illegal loans that are blocked by the OJK, many of which are replicas of legal loan names

However, when deciding to galbay, of course there are risks that must be faced.

The risk of illegal loan galbay, one of which is the terror of debt collectors or DC and data dissemination.

Then how to be safe for galbay pinjol?

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