Gahar! This is the Estimated Design of the All New Honda ADV 160


Launching All New Honda ADV 160 just wait a few days. Many are curious about PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM)’s newest adventurous scooter candidate. To enliven the moment before the launch, local creators also made an estimate for the design of the All New Honda 160. One of them was made by Julak Sendie Design.

Quoted from the official page Julak Sendiethe focus of the changes made to the All New Honda ADV 160 is on the rear body cover to the middle to the wings which are made in such a way as to resemble the appearance in the teaser image.

“To make it easier to see the results of the changes that JSD made, the new body cover of JSD is given a solid color with red so that you can clearly see the difference between the new body cover and the old one,” wrote JSD.

He continued adding, the results of these changes made the All New Honda ADV 160 look more like the Honda ADV-350. Even so, there is the ADV 150’s original shape that is still preserved.

“Another addition that JSD provides in this second design is a hand-guard part that has been directly installed on the motorbike so that the concept of adventure on this motorbike becomes more visible,” he said.

For your information, in the invitation received by detikOto, the press conference for the launch of the new AHM model was held on July 1, 2022. Looking at some of the teaser images that have been distributed, it is certain that the model is the All New Honda ADV 160.

Previously, Honda had a strategy of marketing the PCX 150, Vario 150, and ADV 150 using the same engine platform. The ADV 160 model will also use the same engine platform as the PCX 160 and the Vario 160 or Click 160.

The engine carries the eSP+ code with an increase in the number of valves from 2 valves to 4 valves and an increase in engine capacity from 149cc to 157cc, bore x stroke size is 60.0 x 55.5 mm and compression ratio is 12:1.

With a more powerful engine, capable of producing a maximum horsepower of 15.8 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 15 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

The Honda ADV 160 is predicted to use the HSTC Honda Selectable Torque Control) such as the PCX 160. This HSTC serves to limit engine torque if a difference in the rotation speed of the front tire and rear tire is detected, so that the potential for tire slippage can be avoided.

Currently, HSTC can be found on Honda’s Big Bike and Matic Premium models such as the Honda CRF 1000L Africa Twin, Honda Gold Wing, CBR 1000RR, X-ADV 750, Forza, and PCX 160.

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