Fundamental question for daycare heating: money or the environment more important?

The two kindergartens on Schumannstrasse and in the Blue House are of course out of the ordinary at the moment. But, even if the outlook is not exactly rosy at the moment, hopefully there will be life after the pandemic in the foreseeable future. And so the main, finance and culture committee had to deal with a fundamental decision on Tuesday – namely the question of how the two facilities will be heated in the future: Should gas or natural gas have the edge for economic reasons, or should it be better Does the ecological idea make the difference with pellet boilers? Opinions differed on this. While Mayor Markus Hiebl was promoting the latter, FWG councilor Walter Hasenknopf said that this was “rather secondary”. In the end, the committee voted 7: 4 in favor of renewable energy sources.

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