Fujifilm’s Continued Efforts to End Tuberculosis with Cutting-Edge Medical Innovations

Fujifilm’s Continued Efforts to End Tuberculosis with Cutting-Edge Medical Innovations

Fujifilm continues the campaign to end tuberculosis with cutting-edge medical innovations. Reinforcing our determination to create better health for people around the world.

Group of companiesFujifilmContinue to join hands with government and private agencies around the world to hasten the end of the epidemic.tuberculosisBy focusing on the latest infection screening project, the company Fujifilm (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leader in One Stop, Total Healthcare Solution, launches the video “Efforts to End Tuberculosis” reflecting the efforts ofFujifilmTo cooperate with countries around the world to endtuberculosis

Even in Thailand Fujifilmhas joined forces with various agencies to encourage Thai people to see the importance of endingtuberculosisAs well, the video reinforces the organization’s commitment to continuously developing innovations to help society.

Under the mission of creating positive change for society through solving global health challenges. Fujifilm Recognizing the urgency of ending the tuberculosis epidemic A threat that affects vulnerable populations, especially in developing countries. It is also a disease that kills a large number of people according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Fujifilm therefore continues to use its knowledge and expertise in medicine and health to join in the fight against such serious diseases.

tuberculosis It is a serious health hazard. It is one of the three most infectious diseases in the world. Every year, there are more people infectedtuberculosisMore than 10 million people and 1.5 million people die. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 4,400 people die from tuberculosis every day and 30,000 become infected. These are very high numbers for the disease. that can be prevented and treated in almost 90% of patientstuberculosisIt is in developing countries and about half of the infected people are in these areas. Lack of access to appropriate screening and treatment

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For this reason Fujifilm Therefore, we are committed to raising the level of equal access to quality health services. This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of endingtuberculosisby 2030 by offering compact, portable X-ray equipment powered by technologyArtificial intelligence (AI) To facilitate and increase efficiency in screening.tuberculosisAvailable from the beginning Especially in remote and difficult to reach areas.

Mr. So Maruo, Managing Director of the Company Fujifilm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said:Fujifilm Stepping into the medical and health business since 1936 by offering X-ray film products that are accepted by the medical community around the world. We are committed to creating good health for people around the world. and develop comprehensive medical and health products such as the medical image and data storage system PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) as well as MRI and CT Scan technology to strengthen our medical diagnostic solutions.Fujifilmmore comprehensive and more than that When these tools work together with technology AI advanced medical The higher the level of disease diagnosis, the more accurate and faster. This makes Fujifilm become a leading company in the medical and health business as a truly leading Total Healthcare Solution provider. Our main goal is to raise the level of medicine and health in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to endtuberculosisBy 2030, we therefore accelerate the fight againsttuberculosis The focus is on early screening. through our cutting-edge innovations”

Early detection of infection is key to ending the TB epidemic according to the SDGs by 2030. FDRFujifilm It is another important innovation that will help achieve this goal. It’s compact, lightweight and runs on a built-in battery. Allows medical personnel to carry out screening tests tuberculosisin remote areas Fujifilm Collaborate with the public and private sectors to carry out projects in line with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for using X-ray systems for tuberculosis screening and expanding screening.tuberculosisin regions at risk to cover more

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Mr. So Maruo added that “As an expert in medical and health innovation Fujifilmwill continue to tackle challenges to raise the level of comprehensive and quality public health services Through cooperation with various sectors to drive diagnosis and screening.tuberculosisFrom the beginning

We are also working with the non-profit organization “STOP TB Partnership” established by the United Nations Office of Program Services (UNOPS) to support TB screening among populations in remote areas. All operations reflect our commitment to medical and health innovation.Fujifilm We are ready to drive concrete change around the world. Whether it is India, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries around the world. The tuberculosis screening program in India and many social programs in Thailand are a testament to our success.”

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