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FTC investigates Twitter’s privacy and security policies after acquisition of Elon Musk – IT Pro – News

There has never been censorship, bribery, or interference in elections or other government affairs.

Crazy statement if the exact opposite has been proven.

The government had a direct connection to Twitter and Facebook, among others,
news: “US security services work with Twitter and Meta against disinfection …

Furthermore, we also know that Biden’s son is a heavy drug addict and that he has had all kinds of vague deals in Ukraine that have not been respected,

and that the story was squelched by the likes of Twitter and whoever else was going to spread it. On Twitter you were banned and on Facebook you were pushed into the background.

Now we understand even better how it works,
so-called “fact checks” take priority,
others are placed on a so-called “do not amplify” list, roughly translated, you will not get tips.

And if it affects the election,
yes even 100%,
Whether it would make a difference is another matter.

What worries me even more is this statement;

The only thing that has surfaced in those “Twitter files” is evidence that Twitter employees have done their job well and made well-considered decisions.

I don’t know what timeline you live in and what news you follow,

News: Whistleblower Testimonial: Twitter Misleads Users, Government & Egg…

“I found that Twitter was managed by risk and crisis, instead of managing risk and crisis.” Here, many cybersecurity risks would not be taken seriously by senior employees if this information reached the board of directors. “There was a corporate culture where only good news was passed on to management.”


Twitter Internal Documents and Employees Reveal Massive Investment Needed to Remove Illegal Content, But Executives Didn’t Heed


According to the researchers’ report, the removed accounts included a made-up Persian-language media site that shared content re-released by US-funded Voice of America Farsi and Radio Free Europe. Another, he said, was linked to a Twitter handle that had previously claimed to be operating on behalf of Centcom.
A fake account posted an inflammatory tweet claiming relatives of deceased Afghan refugees had reported bodies returned from Iran with organs missing, according to the report. The tweet linked to a video that was part of an article posted on a US military-affiliated website.

And no, it doesn’t say Russia, it doesn’t say China, it’s really the United States that also makes this kind of jokes and that we know are 100% correct.

It is a complete mystery to me that you make such statements,
and that people will +1 you?

And then the claim of the media, among others,
yes, it’s all a bit sketchy and without good sources. Nonsense. They are the confirmation of suspicions that have been circulating for some time and that contribute to radicalization and when the awareness arrives that censorship is in the hands of a small and selected group on which they themselves depend, everyone looks the other way. Because practice, imagine that as a newspaper or journalist you were really independent and not addicted to Twitter/Facebook/Twitter.

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