Frontenac Recovery makes a donation to Le Tremplin

The Center de formation professionnelle le Tremplin, through the Business Services of the Center de services scolaire (CSS) des Appalaches, has just received a donation of a batch of several motors and gear reducers from the company Récupération Frontenac d worth nearly $8,000.

This will be used, among other things, to supply the industrial mechanics department. “This donation is extraordinary since it contributes directly to the success of our students by providing the practical equipment necessary for the learning of our young people”, indicated Francis Perreault, teacher in industrial mechanics.

“The existing alliance between the two parties ensures that the company also benefits by getting closer to future candidates on the labor market,” said Alain Laflamme, head of Business Services at the CSS des Appalaches.

Récupération Frontenac inc., is an adapted non-profit social economy enterprise that operates a sorting center for recyclable materials from selective residential and commercial collection. The company’s primary mission is to create jobs for people living with functional limitations. Thanks to Récupération Frontenac, anything that can be recycled will no longer be buried and will serve as resources for future generations.

“We will enable our residential, commercial and industrial customers to improve their environmental record by giving them access to the tools necessary to achieve a perfect environmental score when it comes to recycling,” the company said.

Led by entrepreneurs and managers who put their skills at the service of society, Récupération Frontenac integrates both social and environmental concerns while having a successful business model that has ensured financial spinoffs of more than $30 million since its creation in 1981.

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Récupération Frontenac wants to demonstrate that through the human experience represented by the creation and evolution of a company whose primary mission is the development of its human capital, that it is possible to innovate while contributing to the well-being of his community.

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