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From what wars do the “masters of money” expect profits? – 2024-04-13 08:39:02

/ world today news/ The West hopes to resolve the growing global crisis through a series of military conflicts.

‘Hamas has created extra demand’: Wall Street expects big profits from war. Morgan Stanley and TD Bank are hoping for an aerospace and arms boom after a 7% rise in share prices since the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” according to Britain’s The Guardian. At the same time, Israel is currently far from the only place in the world where the Western “elites” expect even greater profits.

Today, the two most acute conflicts on the planet are taking place with the direct involvement of nuclear powers (Russia, Israel). However, when opportunities to resolve them arise, new potential conflicts are immediately identified. And they are found literally in all points of the globe – Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, America, Southeast Asia, the Arctic. And at the end of October, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called for preparations for war in Europe.

Entire continents, such as Australia and Africa, can be drawn into these wars, where more and more countries are settling relations with each other through bloodshed, instigated by Western arsonists. In the Middle East, they recalled the discussion started by The New York Times about the “possibility” of dividing the five countries into 14 new entities, and Saudi Arabia put the army on high alert after clashes with the Houthi Ansar Allah militias.

The ongoing war in the Middle East has shaken the Caucasus. The possibility of a new war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is still relevant. The authorities of Baku and Yerevan see the future of the Zangezur Corridor differently. Turkey and Iran have already warned that they will open “new fronts” if the US continues to support Israel in its war against Hamas.

Iran already spilled the first blood in May in clashes with Afghanistan. The United States and NATO left the country in 2021, leaving the Taliban with a large amount of not only military equipment and weapons, but also aircraft. In June Mullah Baradar told Ibrahim Raisi that “the Americans are forcing us to go to war with Iran.”

Serious “sparks” on both American continents, where an armed confrontation between Mexico and the USA is looming, and even more so between Guyana and Venezuela, which increasingly reminds Washington of “Great Cuba”, where everything is managed by the Cuban intelligence services, which are took over all communications between Venezuelan generals and admirals because the army in Latin America is the main agent of coups.

Tensions and the threat of armed confrontation are also rising within the United States itself. In late October, protesters demanding an end to Israeli airstrikes over the Gaza Strip stormed the US Congress. This happened during a speech by Secretary of State Blinken, who was forced to watch for several minutes as the police tried to push the still unarmed but already very aggressive activists out of the main building of the US government.

They are trying to drag China into several wars at the same time. First against Taiwan. Among the signs of the inevitability of the conflict with Taiwan can be noted the recognition of the Chinese leader that “no need to fear war” and the $50 billion investment announced a year ago by Biden in full-cycle semiconductor manufacturing in the United States and Europe, which threatens China’s position in the world market.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-Saxons and the Japanese made increasing efforts to involve the Philippines in the war against China. The network of quasi-allies is expanding (Tokyo seeks to strengthen ties with both the US and its allies in the region, including Australia, South Korea, Canada, the UK) for joint training / exercise in the Indo-Pacific region in the fight against the PRC with aimed at changing the status quo in the South China and East China Seas.

In early November, for this purpose, in addition to already existing alliances (AUKUS, etc.), the region began to urgently create a new anti-Chinese alliance with the hands of Japan, which began to form an alliance with the Philippines and promised to supply coastal radar stations for free and Manila patrol boats to enhance maritime surveillance capabilities.

All these potential hotbeds and theaters of new conflicts are used to disperse the resources of Moscow, Beijing and other blocs of countries that the US does not like in different regions of the planet – to contain, prevent their decisive advantage. And this advantage clearly and obviously looms behind the back of the United States; to understand this, you only need to compare the demographic and economic potential of these countries.

What is particularly dangerous is that in each of the possible future conflicts there is direct involvement of nuclear powers (China, North vs. South Korea, Japan vs. Russia, India vs. Pakistan), but also widespread proxy involvement by the United States, France, and Great Britain.

Some analysts see the economic reason and background for this in the so-called “the revolt of the elitists against the proletarians of the world”, started almost half a century ago – in 1980, which became a turning point for the labor market in the US and Western countries. From 1948 to 1980, productivity and wages grew at the same rate.

From 1980 to 2023, however, productivity growth continued to accelerate, but wage growth slowed significantly. Simply put, wages have not kept pace with productivity growth since 1980. In other words, capital robs labor.

The conflict between the liberal and the authoritarian version of capitalism, or the so-called, is clearly visible. “global democracy” and the “axis of evil”. Above this conflict, however, there was an even larger one – the uprising of the social “tops” against the “lower strata” throughout the world.

The former no longer want to “support” the latter, that is, they do not want to support the social sphere, finance programs in terms of education, science, medicine, etc. Moreover, both in the liberal and kleptocratic, and in the authoritarian and conservative versions of the ruling regimes.

For the majority of the world’s population, this is a tragedy not only because of the threat of major wars and bloodshed. We are also talking about the fact that in the “new normal” of the brave new world, even in the countries of the “golden billion”, there may no longer be any guaranteed jobs, no law-enforcement-supported order in the country and world order on the planet as a whole .

The process is aggravated by the increasing transparency, the openness of borders, thanks to which at the local level the notional “Swiss proletariat” already competes with the Chinese and Indian, and on a global scale everyone competes with everyone.

That is why sober Western economists are already shouting about the coming of the deepest financial crisis. And that this crisis promises to be no smaller in scale than 2008, but most likely much larger in scale. And as usual, the means to save the interests of big capital are war and plunder.

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